Patagonia products: Built to last

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Patagonia products: Built to last
An executive who tries to talk his customers out of buying his products? It sounds nuts, but that’s just what Yvon Chouinard loves to do. The outspoken, iconoclastic founder of Patagonia, maker of high-end outdoor clothing and equipment, believes that capitalism is on an unsustainable path. In the process of making and selling, we use too many resources and buy low-quality goods that we quickly throw away. In his new, provocative book, The Responsible Company, written with Patagonia executive Vincent Stanley, Chouinard contends that we must move toward a “post-consumerist economy” where goods are high quality, recyclable, and repairable. Today, as the mountain-climber entrepreneur puts it, “most of what we produce to sell each other is crap.”
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